1C & RusGuard

Integration between 1C's Accounting and Trade: Access Management v.8  and RusGuard AMCS is designed to ensure control over employee access, analysis of attendance and worktime calculation. The solution allows restricting access to a facility, to control employee presence at work and to calculate compensation on the basis of available statistics.

The solution can be useful to companies interested in estimating worktime, as its statistics can be applied to estimate compensations and detect deviations from the working schedule.

The 1C's AMCS module can be integrated with other typical 1C configurations, namely 1C: Salary and Personnel Mamagement (v.8), 1C: Enterprise Management (v.8), 1C: Comprehensive Automation (v.8). It both eliminates the risk of creating double employee records, but also allows calculatoing salaries on the basis of data retrieved directly from AMCS controllers. The AMCS module has the 1C: Compatible! certificate.


  • automated creation of data for salary calculation and worktime sheet setup
  • modification of worktime sheets
  • completion of HR and calculation documents
  • control over attendance
  • claculation of time spent at the facility
  • analysis and evaluation of late arrivals, breaks and overtimes compared to the standards schedule
  • upload of event logs from various external ACSs
  • differentiation of access rights at a facility; setup of access parameters for proximity cards
  • AMCS controller management from 1C


Event log analysis

  • summarized information on worktime, late arrivals, breaks, no-shows, ovetimes, etc.
  • worktime display as a Gant chart
  • modification of the log according to explanatory documents

Control point management

Descriptions of controllers, timezones, access routes, access card supply/withdrawal.



  • event log filtered by individuals, departments, access points, periods
  • Who is in the office now
  • Time-table
  • other reports using data from the event log

Completion of typical 1C document forms

  • Completion of schedule breach reports: No-Shows and Absence at Work
  • Completion of Worktime Sheet form.

Procedure of data exchange with RugGuard AMCS 

Event log export/import

  • selection of parameters for connection to an external DB
  • event log reading/recording (forced or scheduled)

Equipment interaction module

  • door management (forced or scheduled)
  • access rights information reading from/recording to controllers
  • synchronization of employee, premises and controller information
  • reading event logs from controllers

Benefits of implementing a 1C & RusGuard integration

  • single point for calculating compensations, making personnel records and managing access
  • no redundant records in different systems
  • ability to analyze efficiency of employees
  • access to exact data on labor discipline compliance
  • dramatic reduction of costs of making worktime sheets and calculating salaries
  • streamlined management of employee access rights and status within an organization structure


The 1C AMCS module is NOT AN INDEPENDENT SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Using it requires installing 1C: Enterprise (v.8).

The product can be used both separately or as an element of  the following 1C configurations: 1C: Salary and Personnel Management, 1C: Enterprise Management, 1C: Comprehensive Automation.


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