RusGuard & Bolid

Bolid research and implementation company has been operating in the security system market since 1991.  The company focuses on manufacturing and supplying equipment for security, automation and control systems.

Bolid's Orion ISO includes over 100 devices for deployment of narrow and broad fire protection and alarm systems, control system, and other systems corresponding to modern standards and requirements.

Integration of RusGuard ACMS and Bolid allows building a comprehensive security system based on RusGuard Software. Bolid's fire protection unit becomes an in-built element of the system managed by RusGuard Software. The management module is included in the standards software distributive and is provided free of charge.

Integration does not  require installing Orion Pro, Orion or other Bolid software.

Интеграция системы RusGuard c ИСО Орион

Integration flow-chart

ISO Orion equipment is integrated via an additional module (S2000-PP, firmware version from 1.0.6) supplied with ISO Orion. This device can be connected to a network via RS-485 protocol and get connected to Ethernet via MOXA MGate MB3180. RusGuard Software supports an unlimited number of MB3180 gateways in the network.

RusGuard Software displays and logs all events from Bolid system elements (that is, Sections, Zones, Relays). A user can:

  • enable/disable security mode for Sections and Zones
  • enable/disable Relays.

Also, the Plans module of RusGuard Software allows managing Sections, Zones and Relays and displays their statuses.


RusGuard supports its customers throughout the whole term of equipment service life. Do not hesitate to address our support team. We are ready to provide professional assistance and advice on all relevant issues.

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