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ITV | AxxonSoft is the leader of the Russian market of integrated professoional video-monitoring systems.

Intellect software suite allows building an integrated security complex of any size. It includes security and fire alarm, video-monitoring, audio-control, various vertical solutions based on the video-subsystem (POS-Intellect, Auto-Itellect, ATM-Intellect, Face-Intellect, etc.). Also, the suite can be integrated with other systems, thanks to open architecture. Setup, amangement and monitoring of all systems can be carried out centrally or from remote workstations.

Intellect ensures automated management of security systems. In particular, it employes user event reaction scenarios.

Integration with RusGuard AMCS allows connecting to Intellect platform and exchanging data between RusGuard AMCS and Intellect, as well as obtaining information on RusGuard devices and managing them. 

Functions of the AMCS module in Intellect suite:

  • creation and management of employee database
  • definition and access areas and levels for each employee; access right management for empoyee groups
  • personnel behavior analysis
  • setup of an Admission Bureau operations through the relevant module
  • retrieval of information on RusGuard devices, device management and event monitoring within a unified environment
  • management of device groups
  • full automation of access rights management including new admission card creation, modification of rights of card holders, can cancellation
  • system self-examination and notification of equipment failures

Intellect GUI displays the status of passages, doors, sensors, as well as the number of persons in a given rom; it also provides emergency notifications.


RusGuard supports its customers throughout the whole term of equipment service life. Do not hesitate to address our support team. We are ready to provide professional assistance and advice on all relevant issues.

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