RusGuard & Ivideon Video

Ivideon is the global leader in development of integrated services for distributed video-monitoring systems.

Ivideon offers a simple way to setup an online video-monitoring system (cloud-based). It does not take gettign static IPs and allows avoiding whole range of other issues related to traditional solutions.

Security is Ivideon's number one priority. All streams from cameras are encrypted at devices excluding any possibility of unauthorized interception.

Thanks to Ivideon, RusGuard ACMS support all cameras that use the service. The soution offers integration with cameras connected via a local IvideonServer or Ivideon account in the Internet.

Integration with the ACMS allows you to:

  • view online-video from integrated cameras (Plans module of the Software) in real time
  • view archive videos
  • set up reactions (recording of all ACMS events) and view them directly from logs

RusGuard to Ivideon integration allows building a comprehensive security system in distributed facilities with remote offices and outlets. Thus, there is not costly system inconsistence. Moreover, the system can be managed remotedly via the Interet from any place where there is a connection.

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Key Ivideon Features

  • World-wide Accessibility. You can access your cameras even if located in different continents.
  • Ability to provide public access to cameras. Embed your video to sites, blogs, social network pages, etc.
  • Allowing other users to access cameras. Need allows several employees to use monitoring cameras? Ivideon allows sharing rights.
  • Cross-platfom service. Have an iPhone/iPad/iPod? Prefer Android? Load our mobile applications from AppStore or GooglePlay!



RusGuard supports its customers throughout the whole term of equipment service life. Do not hesitate to address our support team. We are ready to provide professional assistance and advice on all relevant issues.

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