VisitorControl & RusGuard

VisitorControl is an efficient system for facility visitor registration, recording and control.

A solution combining RusGuard AMCS and VisitorControl "admission bureau" system ensures flexible automation of visitor control process in all types of environments and facilities at enterprise, building, office or other level with regard to local requirements to admission card system or infrastrucure particularities (building type, reception, corporate organizational structure, etc.). 

Admission autaomted via RusGuard AMCS and VisitorControl allows:

  • recieving visitors conveniently
  • decreasing admission bureau workload (12-15 seconds to record a visitor)
  • strengthening facility security

Key module tasks:

Visitor ENTRY registration in VisitorControl:

  • issuing an admission card to a visitor is not enough to register an entry event, for some admission bureaus are located outside the facility equipped with the AMCS and separated from the access point. Thus, exact information on entry event and time is to be provided by the AMCS.
  • This function provides such data and makes a relevant record at the visitor electronic admission card. 

Visitor EXIT registration in VisitorControl:

  • retrieval of informaiton on visitor exit from the facility protected by the AMCS, creation of a relevant record at the visitor electronic admission card.
  • exit event is registered when a card is either applied to a reader or deposited to a box.

Activation of a visitor admission card in the AMCS after registration in VisitorControl

  • the integration implies that visitor admission cards exist in the AMCS as impersonal records and the Access Prohibited status. Once an admission card is registered in VisitorControl, the solution automatically assignes the Guest status to the card.

Deactivation of a visitor card in the AMCS after vistor exit

  • When the solution is notified on the exit event, the card is reverted to the Access Prohibited impersonal status, therefore the same visitor cannot reuse it without repeated registration in VisitorControl.

Visitor personal information export to the AMCS

  • Visitor full name is exported to the AMCS at the point of admission card activation. It allows filtering AMCS events by a specific visitor, not only by a card number.

Visitor photo export to the AMCS

  • Visitor phone is exported to the AMCS at the point of admission card activation. The obtained photo is displayed by the system at control screens of the facility security service.


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