AMCS controller ACS-103-C-DIN

Space-saving case without a power adapter; can be installed on a DIN-rail

Price: 5,940 Rubles

Warranty: 3 years

 Connection flows-charts (.dwg)

Контроллер СКУД ACS-103-C-DIN Контроллер СКУД ACS-103-C-DIN Контроллер СКУД ACS-103-CE-DIN  


  • CAN-HS - High Speed Control Area Network
  • up to 110 controllers in a line up to 1 kilometer
  • connection to server via USB-CAN or Ethernet-port of any -CE- controller within the network
  • Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T. Each controller can be connected directly to Ethernet

Access Points

  • double door: reader to enter/exit
  • door: readers only to enter


  • Touch Memory & Wiegand - 26 reader interfaces
  • adjustable key length 2-6 bytes
  • adjustable polarity of display management
  • support of readers with inbuilt keyboard
  • double identification by key and PIN

Controller storage capacity

  • up to 5,000 keys
  • up to 30,000 events


  • 2 electronic relays with separate short-curcuit and overload protection
  • suppressor protection of all alarm circuits from electrostatic discharges


  • 4 intervals per 24 hour period
  • 255 daily schedules
  • 255 multi-day/week/month schedules
  • holiday/pre-festive day/transfer recording 


  • global mode: several devices in the system; server not involved
  • local mode: limited to one cotroller
  • banned boule entry to prevent gate-crushing (when one key is used to pass through several points)



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