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IT technologies develop dynamically and offer users new and better options. Implementation of cloud technologies in business environment is among the most popular innovation areas in this segment.

Cloud technologies are not a mere step forward, but a whole leap if a not a breakthrough! First and foremost, these allow dramatically reducing costs of safe, fault-proof state-of-art IT infrastructure. 

Apart from actively and carefully monitoring IT market innovations, RusGuard develops and implements advanced solutions. Our RusGuard Cloud service is an innovative product based on reliable and practical Windows Azure technology. It is an accessible, modern and high-quality service.

Why Windows Azure?

Obviously, it has a range of considerable advantages:

  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Unparalleled stability and support of IT standards
  • High productivity
  • Short delay for data access

RusGuard Cloud advantages:

  • Accessibility. The service is provided online, 24/7.
  • Scalability and extendibility. You get access to your systems from any place where there is Internet connection; an unlimited number of system servers can be registered in the cloud.
  • 0 Fee. Users of RusGuard equipment get the service free of charge.
  • Friendliness. Clear registration and configuration procedures leave no room for usage issues.

Plainly speaking,  RusGuard Cloud is:

  • Remote access to AMCS servers and to all the necessary information from any place where you can access the Web.

Even away from your desk you can timely and promptly access your AMCS server, all reports and data management options, USB scanner and Web-cam images, i.e. to complete data and personnel control.

  • Ability to use an unlimited number of remote server connections.

Remote access to unlimited number of servers with unlimited number of accounts; available to all employees with relevant authorities. Thus, after logging to your cloud account, you can control numerous facilities, regardless of geography.

  • Encrypted connection for data transfer (SSL supported for all communications).

Guarantee of total compliance with data and action confidentiality requirements.

  • Compliance of processes used in datacenters with European standards  (ISO 27001 and SAS 70 Type 2) , support of all functions of the local version of RusGuard system.

We deliver a high-quality product compliant with current international standards.

  • Distributed networks in the Web built without direct external IP-addresses.

Save money on buying and supporting direct external IP-addresses, ensure additional security to your IT-infrastructure.

  • Free access to RusGuardSoft to users of RusGuard systems.


RusGuardCloud: clear, easy, friendly:

  • create an account at http://Cloud.RgSec.ru*
  • configure your RusGuard server to connect it to the cloud.
  • when logging to RusGuard workstation at a remote desktop, enter your cloud credentials and choose the server you need to work through the Internet.

*To be offered after the next RusGuard Soft release in early 2014.

Join RusGuard to be abreast with the future and remember:

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower (Steve Jobs)


RusGuard supports its customers throughout the whole term of equipment service life. Do not hesitate to address our support team. We are ready to provide professional assistance and advice on all relevant issues.

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