Integrated Office Solution

Control of employee and visitors' access to an office is a core task modern managers face. Usually, it is assigned to the security service that performs all the necessary risk and integration assessment, analyzes organization workflow and drafts an AMCS budget.

RusGuard's system ensures efficiency and interaction between information systems involved in security:

  • employee access management
  • working time recording
  • video-monitoring
  • fire safety

RusGuard systems ensure higher security at facilities, control over personnel workload and improving performance of key services.

Note that a state-of-art AMCS improves your image before customers, partners and competitors.

The solution includes:

  • ACS-102-CE controller, 2 units
  • RDR-102-EH reader, 4 units
  • Z2-USB portable reader, 1 unit
  • RusGuard Soft 


RusGuard supports its customers throughout the whole term of equipment service life. Do not hesitate to address our support team. We are ready to provide professional assistance and advice on all relevant issues.

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