Card Reader Z-2 USB - RG

Reliable, versatile reader connected and powered via USB. Supports EM Marine, HID ProxCard II, Mifare cards.

Price: 4,500 Rubles

Warranty: 3 years



  • operating frequency: 13,56MHz&125КHz simultaneously.
  • formats: EM Marine, HID ProxCard II, Mifare.
  • distance: 4-8 cm.
  • supply: USB.
  • sound/light alarms: buzzer, duo-color LED
  • operating temperature range: from 0°С to +50°С.
  • case material: ABS plastic. 
  • case color: dull black.
  • output interface: USB.
  • dimensions (mm): 110х80х24.
  • no encryption functions.

Warranty: 3 years



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